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Vaga para docente de Estudos Brasileiros na Universidade de Aarhus

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A Escola de Cultura e Sociedade do Departamento de Estudos Globais da Universidade de Aarhus, na Dinamarca, convida para a submissão de candidaturas para uma vaga de professor/a assistente em Estudos Brasileiros, com início previsto para setembro de 2020. A data limite de candidaturas é dia 03 de junho de 2020.
Mais informações no site da Universidade de Aarhus.

Teaching assistant professorship in Brazilian Portuguese
University of Aarhus - Department of Global Studies

Location: Aarhus - Denmark
Deadline: 03 June 2020
Academic contact person: Uwe Skoda Lektor +4587162325
Vacant positions: 1
Hours per week: 30
Expected date of accession: 01 September 2020
The School of Culture and Society, Department of Global Studies invites applications for a teaching assistant professorship in Portuguese. The position is affiliated with the Brazilian Studies programme and involves teaching the Brazilian variant of modern Portuguese.

The teaching assistant professorship is a permanent position with 30 working hours per week. The appointment begins on 1 September 2020 or as soon as possible thereafter.

The university is committed to diversity and welcomes applications from all qualified applicants regardless of their personal background.

The position
We are seeking an innovative and dedicated candidate with an interest in and experience of language pedagogy who can teach the Brazilian variant of modern Portuguese at all university levels.

The position requires:
  • an interest in the educational/didactic development of teaching and supervision methods and teaching techniques within the field of foreign-language teaching with particular reference to the Brazilian variant of modern Portuguese and technology-based language courses
  • the ability to initiate new and innovative projects in collaboration with related area studies at the Department of Global Studies
The successful applicant will be obliged to complete a course in university teaching designed for teaching assistant professors.

For more information on the position, please contact Uwe Skoda (skoda@cas.au.dk), Head of Department.

Employment as a teaching assistant professor requires a Master’s degree or equivalent qualification in Portuguese/Brazilian Studies, linguistics or a similar relevant field. The following competencies are required:
  • Fluency in Brazilian Portuguese (native-speaker level)
  • Strong oral and written communicative skills
  • Experience of or interest in knowledge exchange, including the maintenance and extension of a network of partners in Brazil
  • Fluency in English  
Theoretical knowledge in language pedagogy and foreign language teaching will be an asset. Applicants with knowledge of technology-based language courses will be preferred.

Applicants are also expected to participate actively in the department’s academic environment.

Knowledge of Danish is a clear priority for the Department and an important consideration in the selection process. The successful applicant must be able to teach in Danish (incl. translation between Danish and Portuguese and grammar in Danish) within a period agreed upon between the applicant and the Department.

The applicant must submit a teaching portfolio including a list of courses taught, representative or sample course outlines, and representative student evaluations.

The application must be uploaded in English.

For more information about applications, please contact HR supporter Marianne Birn at mbb@au.dk

References or recommendations should not be included with the application. Applicants who are selected for interview may be asked to provide professional references.

Brazilian Studies
The goal of Brazilian Studies within Global Studies at AU is to apply knowledge about Brazil and the Portuguese language to real-world problems and international issues. Beyond obtaining proficiency in the fifth most spoken language in the world, Brazilian Studies prepares students to think critically and argue persuasively about a range of subjects that involve but are not limited to Brazil, including migration, urbanisation, economics, government and the environment. The programme is applied and project-centred, and it provides students with important conceptual tools from the social sciences and cultural studies.

For a more detailed description of the degree programmes, please refer to these websites:

For more information on the Department of Global Studies, please refer to

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