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IFJP Polycentric Conference: “Gender Violence and Feminist Resistance in Latin America”

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A Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC-SP) sediará a segunda Conferência Policêntrica da International Feminist Journal of Politics (IFJP) de 2019 sobre o tema "Violência de Gênero e Resistência Feminista na América Latina", de 17 a 19 de outubro em São Paulo.

A Conferência abordará questões relativas à rearticulação de formas de violência contra as mulheres e outros corpos feminizados na América Latina contemporânea.

O evento está com a chamada aberta para artigos, painéis e mesas redondas até 31 de maio.

Serão aceitos trabalhos em português, inglês ou espanhol.

Mais informações: IFJP Polycentric Conference: “Gender Violence and Feminist Resistance in Latin America”.

IFJP Polycentric Conference: “Gender Violence and Feminist Resistance in Latin America”

We are delighted to announce that the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP, Brazil) will host the second 2019 IFJP Polycentric Conference on the theme “Gender Violence and Feminist Resistance in Latin America,” October 17-19 in São Paulo, Brazil. The conference will address issues concerning the rearticulation of forms of violence against women and other feminized bodies in contemporary Latin America.

The 2019 IFJP Polycentric Conference at PUC-SP invites submissions that address the following questions:

  • How does gender relate to the broad spectrum of violence afflicting Latin America?
  • What are particular forms of gender violence in the region and how do feminist articulations – networks, organizations, collectives, movements – resist them?
  • What is the relationship between the affirmation of specific masculinities and the broad spectrum of gender violence in the region?
  • How do colonialism and the coloniality of power continue to have an impact on gender relations and gender violence in the region?
  • How to address the dialogues and tensions between feminism(s) and the indigenous women’s and/or feminist movements in Latin America?
  • What are the contemporary forms feminism has taken in Latin America and how do they affect the constitution of a democratic ethos in the region?
  • How do feminist movements in the region respond – or fail to respond – to the necropolitics involving transsexual bodies?
  • What is the transnational reach and impact of feminist articulations spreading from Latin America?
  • What are the impacts of intersectional issues in Latin America on the recent rise of feminist movements in the region?
  • What are the new solidarities, networks and attachments being produced by feminists in the global South and throughout the world?
  • What is the role of bodies, emotions and affects in restructuring feminist solidarities?
  • What roles might feminist scholarship have in addressing these contemporary developments in feminist articulations?

The IFJP 2019 Polycentric Conference at PUC-SP, Brazil, will be held in all three languages of the region (Portuguese, Spanish and English). Translation services will be provided for the Roundtables, but Panel sessions should be formatted in either one of the three languages.  In light of that, we will offer free registration to those willing to serve as interpreters.

Paper, panel and roundtable proposals must be submitted by May 31st, 2019.

Apply for a grant

Paper, panel or roundtable participants are eligible for a grant. In order to be considered, they should apply for a grant, specifying and explaining the amount required.

Decisions about grant will take into consideration the quality of the submission as well as the provenance and academic status of authors.

Authors selected to receive the grant must submit complete papers by September 1st. Those who fail to submit the full papers by this date will not receive the grant.

Dates and Deadlines

  • April 8st – May 31st: Open for abstract submission and grant request
  • July 1st: Notification of acceptance and grants
  • August 5th: Deadline to register
  • September 1st: Deadline for grantees to submit full article
  • October 17-19th: Conference in São Paulo, Brazil

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