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Vaga de Teaching Assistant de Português no Middlebury College (EUA)

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O Departamento de Espanhol e Português do Middlebury College (Vermont, EUA) está com uma vaga aberta para Assistente de Português (Teaching Assistant) para o ano académico 2020-2021. Os interessados devem enviar as candidaturas até ao dia 10 de abril de 2020.

O departamento procura alguém que já tenha mestrado ou o esteja completando, além de possuir uma personalidade que combine bem com os estudantes e que tenha a criatividade necessária para promover as culturas lusófonas em uma variedade de eventos e iniciativas. 

Mais informações:

Assistant in Portuguese

The Department of Luso-Hispanic Studies at Middlebury College is looking for a Teaching Assistant in Portuguese for the academic year 2020-2021. This is a multi-faceted position that combines organizational and extra-curricular responsibilities with the opportunity to undertake coursework at Middlebury College. The ideal candidate would be a Master’s student with native or near-native fluency in Portuguese, fluency in English, and interest in language instruction. In addition to a standard honorarium, the successful candidate will receive full tuition for one course in each semester -Fall and Spring-, full room and board for the academic year, the student health and dental insurance (subject to the regular deductibles) and the cost of airfare to and from Middlebury College.

In the case that the candidate will be offered to teach a language or culture course, they will be paid an extra honorarium, subject to previous discussion with the administration.

Responsibilities: The Portuguese T.A. will live in the Portuguese-language house with students who have made a commitment to speak only Portuguese. The T.A. will also eat in the student dining halls and at the Portuguese-language table. The T.A. will encourage the use of Portuguese by providing a linguistic model and by organizing cultural and recreational activities that will promote the Portuguese language and the cultures of communities where Portuguese is one of the spoken languages. These activities could include -but are not limited to- movie & video showings, “cafezinhos,” guest lectures, theme dinners, parties, etc.

The Portuguese T.A. will assist the faculty of the Portuguese program by leading conversation sections for its intermediate/advanced course. Additionally, the T.A. might correct workbooks/quizzes, conduct exams or substitute classes during the Fall and Spring semesters for faculty away at conferences.

The Portuguese T.A. should plan to be available on campus through the end of the examination period of each semester (December 20, May 25), and we would hope the T.A. would stay for the Commencement ceremonies in late May 30. Candidates should electronically submit dossiers (cover letter and curriculum vitae) in English no later than April 10, 2020 to professor Fernando Rocha ( Skype interviews will be conducted in mid-April.

Employment is contingent upon successful completion of a background check.

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