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Conferência Saramago, 20 anos. De Terra de Pecado a Campo de Sangue

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Estão abertas as inscrições para a conferência "Saramago 20 anos", organizada pelo Centro Camões do King's College London, a decorrer nos dias 30 e 31 de outubro de 2018 em Londres.

O programa inclui conferências de Ana Paula Arnaut (Coimbra),  Jerónimo Pizarro (Los Andres), Paulo de Medeiros (Warwick) e conta com a participação da escritora Dulce Maria Cardoso.

A tradutora Margaret Jull Costa organiza um workshop sobre tradução de Saramago.

Programa e inscrição em: http://www.kcl.ac.uk/artshums/ahri/centres/camoes/saramago.aspx

Saramago and Beyond
From the Land of Sin to the Fields of Blood

Tuesday 30 October – Wednesday 31 October 2018
Strand Campus, King’s College London WC2R 2LS

Organised by the Camões Centre, the department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies and the Modern Language Centre at King’s College London.

Saramago Conference

From the Land of Sin to the Fields of Blood

An international conference to mark the 20th anniversary of the award of the Nobel Prize to José Saramago

King's College London, 30-31 October 2018

Over half a century separates José Saramago’s first novel from Dulce Maria Cardoso’s Fields of Blood. This conference considers the dual challenges faced by the authors as citizens: on the one hand, to manifest in their writing the contemporary questions that impact on their lives, whilst on the other they are expected to regard the book as an aesthetic object to be judged as such by generations to come.

This conference wishes to address how the authors express a distinctive voice whose tone reverberates both nationally and internationally and in particular how their works take prominence in discussions of current affairs and politics whilst interweaving analysis of an oft tumultuous past. Papers will cover a wide variety of themes in Saramago’s own work, as well as on the work of Lusophone writers published in the last 50 years, and studies of translation, visual arts, screen and theatre adaptations.


Confirmed speakers:
Dulce Maria Cardoso will read from her work.
Margaret Jull Costa will lead a translation workshop.
Ana Paula Arnaut (Coimbra), Paulo de Medeiros (Warwick) and Jeronimo Pizarro (Los Andes) will give the keynote lectures.

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