Sexta-feira, 13 de Dezembro de 2019

Conference "Angola in the Era of the Atlantic Slave Trade: peoples, lives, practices"

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O King's College London recebe nos dias 19 e 20 de junho de 2019 a Conferência "Angola in the Era of the Atlantic Slave Trade: Peoples, Lives, Practices", organizada por Hugo Ribeiro da Silva (KCL).

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Angola in the Era of the Atlantic Slave Trade: peoples, lives, practices
19-20 June 2019
Anatomy museum (King’s Building)
King’s College London

Day 1

2:45pm Opening

3pm Panel 1 | Chair: Chloe Ireton
José Lingna Nafafé (U. Bristol), No War, My Property and My Testament: Power Struggle Between Gaspar Álvares and João Correia de Sousa, the Governor of Angola 17th Century
Carlos Almeida (U. Lisbon), To govern according to time, place, and the qualities of people

4,30pm Coffee Break

5pm Celebrating 30 Years of Joe Miller’s “Way of Death”: round table with Carlos Almeida, Mariana Candido, and Toby Green

Day 2

10,30am Panel 2 | Chair: AbdoolKarim Vakil
Mariana P. Candido (U. Notre Dame), Women and law in West Central Africa
José C. Curto (York University), A Reluctant Bride, her Husband, her Parents, and the others: The Forced Marriage of Dona Justina Henriqueta Fortunato da Costa in early 1840s Luanda.

12h Lunch

1pm Panel 3 | Chair: Linda Heywood
Esteban Salas (U. Notre Dame), Freedom and Status in an African Slave Society: Color Classification in the region of Benguela, 1760-1860
Crislayne Alfagali (PUC-Rio de Janeiro), Labor, dominion and politics in the South Atlantic: Angola and Portuguese America (18th century)
Vanessa S. Oliveira (Royal Military College of Canada) - Experiences of Slaves in Luanda during the era of Legitimate Commerce

3pm Coffee Break

3, 30pm Panel 4 | Chair: Katharina Oke
John K. Thornton (Boston University), Rethinking Lunda’s Expansion: 1720-1800 from Within
Hugo Ribeiro da Silva (KCL) The role of the Catholic Church in the Portuguese attempt of “territorialize” Angola (1768-1820)

5pm: Closing Remarks

Admission free (no meals included)

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