Quarta-feira, 22 de Janeiro de 2020

12.ª Conferência Internacional da American Portuguese Studies Association — APSA

Início: Fim: Países: Estados Unidos

Cultura, Estudos Luso-Afro-Brasileiros, Eventos, Língua, Literatura

A Universidade Brigham Young receberá em outubro de 2020 a 12.ª Conferência Internacional da American Portuguese Studies Association — APSA, subordinada ao tema: “A Imaginação Genealógica”.


APSA International Conference 2020
Twelfth International Conference

Brigham Young University, October TBD, 2020

Presidential Theme: “The Genealogical Imagination”

In what ways does the study of literature and culture reveal, conceal, contest, establish, and confirm genealogy? Genealogical research is a process of investigating hidden bonds and the connections that bind and unite individuals, families, and generations. Genealogy is the study of origins. It extends vertically and horizontally. Its horizons are always receding. Genealogical work is historically oriented with a view towards the claims made by the present on the past and vice versa. Genealogy at times confirms tradition and other times challenges it. While Nietzsche and later Foucault set the stage for “genealogical” thinking in the humanities (thus historicizing conceptions of power, knowledge, discourse, and values), it was perhaps Deleuze who most clearly argued for the way in which a critical genealogy uncovers “the origin of the values and the value of the origins.”

Genealogical positioning is also a political act. In an age of political and social schisms, as divisions caused by partisanship and polarization have grown deeper, nurturing a genealogical imagination becomes both an act of resistance and potentially one of healing. Identifying bonds (whether bonds of genetics or affect) can unsettle dominant power structures and give a voice to alternative, marginalized, and virtual communities.

We invite panel and paper proposals in the humanities, qualitative social sciences, and the arts (including language, linguistics, literature, film, popular music, media, history, anthropology) that explore the genealogical imagination in the field of Luso-Afro-Brazilian studies.

Beyond the presidential theme, APSA encourages submissions in all areas of Luso-Afro-Brazilian culture, language, and literary studies.

Call for Papers Forthcoming!

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