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Digital Editorial Approaches to Medieval Charters

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Chamada para trabalhos, História, Humanidades Digitais, Linguística

Chamada para trabalhos
Abordagens editoriais digitais para as cartas medievais
Universidade de Lisboa, 6 de setembro de 2022 | Online

O projeto iForal (Cartas municipais portuguesas na Idade Média: uma abordagem histórica e linguística na era digital (FCT - PTDC/HAR-HIS/5065/2020), Escola de Artes e Humanidades - Universidade de Lisboa) está a promover um simpósio online de pequena escala com pesquisadores no campo para discutir desafios, abordagens atuais e perspetivas futuras sobre a edição de cartas legais medievais.

Os organizadores convidam os pesquisadores a submeterem resumos para uma apresentação de 20 minutos até 30 de junho de 2022.

Call for papers

Digital Editorial Approaches to Medieval Charters

University of Lisbon, September 6th, 2022, via Zoom, organised by Elsa Pereira (CLUL), Filipa Roldão (CH-ULisboa) and Joana Serafim (CLUL)

In the last decades, ground-breaking digital scholarly projects have worked on modelling charters as semi-diplomatic, versioned, and linguistically glossed texts. At the same time, working groups such as the CEI have been considering the possibilities of a standard to encode medieval and early modern charters in XML, inserting diplomatics’ concepts and charter-specific markup into the framework of the Text Encoding Initiative Guidelines. Hopefully, these developments allow for the interoperability of tools and resources specific to this type of documentation, promoting the replication of well-succeeded experiences in other corpora and historical traditions.

However, digital techniques are still relatively unfamiliar to many researchers working in the area, and those venturing into new digital projects are often overwhelmed by the challenges encountered. The project iForal (*) is promoting a small-scale online symposium with researchers in the field to discuss challenges, current approaches, and future perspectives on editing medieval legal charters.

We invite researchers to submit abstracts for a 20-minute contribution until June 30th, 2022. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

- discussion of past and ongoing digital editions of medieval charters;

- digital modelling and encoding challenges posed by charters;

- open-access tools and publishing environments for the edition of historical documents;

- computer-assisted collation and the versioning of charters;

- applying natural language processing and data mining to this documentation.

Submissions should include name, e-mail address, institutional affiliation and position, title of the proposed paper, and abstract (200 words in English). Abstracts will be reviewed double-blind by the members of the scientific committee. Decisions will be announced by July 15th.

Please address your proposal to Filipa Roldão, PhD <anaroldao@campus.ul.pt> stating "DEA Charters: proposal" on the e-mail subject line.

(*) iForal. Portuguese municipal charters in the Middle Ages: an historical and linguistic approach in the digital era (FCT - PTDC/HAR-HIS/5065/2020), School of Arts and Humanities - University of Lisbon.

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