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Universidade de Macau seleciona docente de Português

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Emprego, Língua, PLE

O Departamento de Português da Faculdade de Letras e Ciências Humanas da Universidade de Macau seleciona um docente (instructor) de português, com início previsto para agosto de 2018.

Os candidatos devem possuir, de preferência, um mestrado em Linguística, Estudos de Tradução ou Português Língua Estrangeira. Candidaturas de pessoas bilingues em português e chinês com experiência em ensino no nível universitário são especialmente bem-vindas. É desejável possuir fluência nativa ou quase nativa em português e um bom domínio do inglês.

A revisão das candidaturas decorrerá até que a vaga seja preenchida.

Mais informações no site da Universidade de Macau (data de publicação / alteração: 04 de outubro 2017):
Instructor of Portuguese (Reference No.:FAH/DPORT/I/10/2017).

Instructor of Portuguese
(Reference No.:FAH/DPORT/I/10/2017)
Academic position

The University of Macau (UMacau) is the flagship public university in Macao, which gives it a unique advantage in pursuing the goal of becoming a world-class university with regional characteristics. English is its working language. In recent years, UMacau has made significant progress and has gained increasing international recognition for its teaching, research, and community service. To better support higher education development in Macao and to meet society’s ever-increasing demand for high-quality professionals, UMacau in 2014 relocated to a new campus that is 20 times the size of the old one. The large campus, the implementation of Asia’s largest residential college system, the unique ‘4-in-1’ education model combine to provide a multifaceted education to students to help them achieve well-rounded development. In addition to adopting a governance and management system in line with international standards and practices, UMacau internationally recruits outstanding scholars to create a multilingual and multicultural learning environment for students. With these new developments and initiatives, UMacau is faced with unprecedented opportunities and provides exciting new possibilities for professional development.

The Department of Portuguese of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities invites applications for the position of Instructor of Portuguese.

The Department of Portuguese is an established and distinguished scholarly community that includes speakers of European, Brazilian and other varieties of Portuguese language. The Department offers an undergraduate degree in Portuguese Studies concentrating on Portuguese as a Foreign Language with selected courses in interpretation and translation, foreign language, pedagogy, literary studies and history. At the undergraduate level the Department also teaches Portuguese language elective courses in Portuguese as a foreign language to students from all faculties of the University. At the postgraduate level the Department offers an MA in Portuguese Language and Intercultural Studies (with specialization in Applied Linguistics and Literary and Cultural Studies), an MA in Translation Studies (Portuguese-Chinese), and Second Language Acquisition, and two PhD areas in (i) Applied Linguistics (Portuguese) and (ii) Literary and Intercultural Studies (Portuguese).

Applicants must possess at minimum Bachelor’s degree, although a Master’s degree in Linguistics, Translation Studies, and Teaching of Portuguese as a Foreign Language or in a relevant related area is highly preferable. Bilingual applicants in Portuguese and Chinese languages with experience teaching university–level courses are especially welcome. Applicants should have native or near-native fluency in the Portuguese language. A good command of English language is highly desirable.

The selected candidate is expected to assume duty in August 2018.

URL: https://isw.umac.mo/recruitment/showJobDetails.do?jobRefNo=FAH/DPORT/I/10/2017

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